Infertility & Stress

Are you struggling to create a healthy pregnancy? Do you feel like you are riding an exhausting roller coaster of hope and disappointment? You are not alone.

Research shows that levels of stress, depression, and anxiety experienced by individuals facing infertility are comparable to those found in people diagnosed with life-threatening illness such as cancer, HIV and heart disease.

Many people who are dealing with fertility challenges and/ or pregnancy loss can feel a wide range of complex emotions including anxiety, grief, guilt, failure and loss of control. They are also constantly exposed to reminders of their condition through questions from family members, interactions with pregnant people or ongoing medical treatment.

There are proven benefits for programs that support understanding and normalizing these difficult emotions, while recognizing the disruptions to the reproductive story as loss and trauma.

Mindfulness for Infertility Program

Mindfulness for Infertility is an 8-week program based on the famous Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. In Mindfulness for Pregnancy you will feel supported by a community of others with experiences like yours. You will also learn tools to decrease stress and anxiety and increase wellbeing.

Mindfulness for Primary Infertility is for:

  • People who are currently trying to conceive your first child naturally or with ART.

Mindfulness for Secondary Infertility is for:

  • People who are currently trying to conceive another child naturally or with ART.

Program Benefits

When your experience is validated, your capacity to cope increases and you are better able to navigate challenging circumstances.

Mindfulness supports the cultivation of awareness of difficult psychological states, while normalizing and accepting them, thereby increasing the capacity to respond with resilience.

Research shows that Mindfulness-Based Programs for Infertility are an effective psychological intervention for those experiencing infertility, increasing resiliency and decreasing psychological distress.  


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