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with Stephanie Curran

6 Weekly classes
Thursdays, May 9 – June 13
5-6:30pm PT / 6-7:30pm MT / 8-9:30pm ET

Our 6 week online program follows the original evidence-based MBSR curriculum themes and is adapted to the difficulties that arise on the (in)fertility journey. It combines evidence-based mindfulness practices, cognitive behavioural therapy exercises with self-compassion tools. Sessions are held in a supportive community with others who have a shared experience of this journey.


Weeks 1-2
  • The (in)fertility journey – There’s more right with you then wrong with you
  • The mind-body connection
  • Grounding mindfulness in the body
  • Identifying & accessing internal tools & resources
  • Building new neural pathways
  • The power of awareness
  • Cultivating key attitudes of mindfulness
Weeks 3-4
  • The anatomy of (in)fertility stress – getting to know depression & anxiety
  • Learning your own (in)fertility stress signature – how it shows up in the body, thoughts, emotions & behaviours
  • Experiencing (in)fertility – pain vs suffering
  • The true nature of thoughts – deconstructing unhelpful narratives
  • Tools for deactivating stress & increasing your capacity to be with difficulty
  • Building tolerance to (in)fertility stress
Weeks 5-6
  • Transforming your experience of growing your family
  • Deepening your mindfulness practice
  • Applying mindfulness to daily life & the (in)fertility journey
  • Discovering new ways to respond skillfully to (in)fertility stress with self-efficacy
  • Increasing acceptance
  • Transforming fear & anxiety to loving-kindness
  • Integrating & supporting ongoing mindfulness practice on your path to parenthood


  • 90 min weekly sessions online
  • 6 sessions total; closed group format
  • Regular attendance and completion of daily mindfulness home practice is essential
  • Group size 10-12 participants


$100 deposit to confirm your registration  (non-refundable after course begins).
The remaining fee is paid at the completion of the 6-week program:

Sliding scale amount offered at the end of the program:
$100 (partial scholarship #1 – with deposit totals $200)
$195 (sustainable fee – with deposit totals 295)
$295 (helps to support others utilizing scholarships – with deposit totals $395)

Please pay to the highest amount you are able to help support the sustainability of this offering.

*Payment plans with instalments and further scholarships are available to anyone in need, please contact us.  All are welcome and no one will be turned away due to financial concerns.


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