Pregnancy & Stress

Have you finally become pregnant after struggling to conceive naturally, through IVF, other ART or after experiencing one or more miscarriages? Despite your feelings of joy, are you continuing to experience anxiety and stress? You are not alone.

Many people who have achieved a longed-for pregnancy after struggling with fertility issues or miscarriage find that they can’t stop worrying and feel like they “are waiting for other shoe to drop.”

Studies show the stress and anxiety of struggling to conceive due to either infertility or pregnancy loss does not end with a positive pregnancy test. The impacts of reproductive challenges can be traumatic and long lasting.In addition, you may feel cut adrift from the sources of support you have come to rely on during your fertility journey.

Increasing studies are showing that people who have struggled to achieve a pregnancy can benefit from ongoing support during their pregnancy, helping them to process difficult emotions and reduce stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness for Pregnancy after Infertility or Miscarriage Program

This Mindfulness for Pregnancy program is 8 weeks long and based on the famous Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.

In the Mindfulness for Pregnancy After Infertility/ Miscarriage program, you will feel supported by a community of others with experiences like yours. You will also learn tools to decrease stress and anxiety and increase wellbeing.

The Mindfulness for Pregnancy After Infertility/ Miscarriage Program is for:

  • People who are pregnant naturally, through IVF or other ART and are still feeling uncertainty, trauma and anxiety in their pregnancy.
  • People who have experienced one or more miscarriages and are now pregnant but are still feeling anxiety and trauma.

Program Benefits 

When your experience is validated, your capacity to cope increases and you are better able to navigate challenging circumstances.

Mindfulness supports the cultivation of awareness of difficult psychological states, while normalizing and accepting them, thereby increasing the capacity to respond with resilience.

Research shows that Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting education promotes mental health, supports childbirth efficacy, improves partner relationships, parenting sensitivity as well as child well-being.


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